Field trip, Measuring and Outdoor literacy activity

We took a field trip to The Shipping Post to celebrate the closing of our box study.  The children got to see first hand how to pack a box for shipping. Hannah, showed them how to put a box together, use special packing tape, measure correctly, and to top off the box with peanuts.  They were able to look at the different sizes of boxes and each child was given a piece of bubble wrap! A very special thank you to The Shipping Post and Hannah for taking time out of their busy day to show us around and allow us to come into their place of business.

We took two boxes out of our box store for an estimation and measurement activity using our linking cubes.  Young children frequently compare measurement as they interact. Young children experiment first by lining up objects, then they can begin to connect number to length as they use nonstandard measurement tools, e.g., links, blocks, rods.  

Mrs. Lisa and I took the PreK classes outdoors with sidewalk chalk for a letter and number review.  We called out the letter and number and they had to write it on the sidewalk. I was so pleased with how well they did and they thought this activity was so much fun!!  Activities like this are enhancing their knowledge of the alphabet. Young children’s alphabet knowledge, especially their ability to rapidly name letters and numerals in random order, is a strong predictor of later reading, writing, and spelling ability.

Tracy Jones