We are learning about symmetry in Pre-K.  For this activity the children were told to make the pictures match, copy the lines to make the picture symmetric.  I explained that symmetry means for both sides to look exactly the same. They had to make their drawing match the picture.  With this activity the children were introduced to a topic that will be discussed in their math classes from now until college; and depending on which career they choose, even longer.  Symmetry is found everywhere in nature and is also one of the most prevalent themes in art, architecture, and design. It seems to be such a small aspect of the study of Geometry, however it is an integral component connecting mathematics to the real world.  Children have a natural interest in finding balance. What better way to feed that curiosity then by teaching a basic understanding of symmetry?


We turned home living into our music store and filled it with all different kinds of musical instruments!  So far, it’s a favorite center for everyone!!


The children worked on spatial relationships and shapes by working with geoboards.  Children do not develop their ideas about shapes by simply looking at them. They need to manipulate, draw, compare, describe, sort, and represent the shapes in a variety of ways.


We had a Christmas Show and Tell this week.  Show and Tell for preschoolers is so important because it teaches the appropriate uses of conversation and other communication skills.  Conversations involve back-and-forth exchanges. Conversations are important to children’s cognitive and social-emotional learning. Children also must learn the social rules of communicating.  This involves being polite, speaking so the listener understands, and turn-taking.

Katelyn Gunter