As Time Goes By

It is amazing how much each child has changed over the span of a school year! We started the year with a group of children that did not know each other and now those children are great friends. It seems like just yesterday we were starting our Beginning of the Year unit and learning about the school rules. Now we are at the end of the school year.

As I look back I marvel at how each child enjoyed all our activities from each unit.  Each unit was full of hands on activities that encouraged class participation and increased social and physical development. All of the guest speakers, nature walks, fashion parade, holiday celebrations and the programs helped your child to become confident individuals. Watching the class learn letters and numbers is wonderful and important, but even more important is watching the class learn to share, take turns, follow instructions, work as a group, and be kind to each other.

As time goes by the sky is the limit for this class and their  future is bright at St. James Day School!

Tracy Jones