The ball unit has this class bouncing for joy! The past few weeks we have discussed types of balls that roll, bounce, and forces that make balls move. When it comes to bouncing a ball, we learned that balls made of air or rubber bounce the best.  We determined that heavy balls like a bowling ball are solid and have no space for air. One of our favorite balls was a bowling ball, which I used to teach a math lesson. I believe that each child must have a hands on experience to fully grasp the concepts of mathematics.  Each child had a blast as they counted the pins that were knocked down.

After they counted the pins that were knocked down they had to find the corresponding number card. The children worked in groups of two during this fabulous activity! On our way back from the library, we noticed a tetherball pole. The children had fun taking turns with the ball! This game was a great way to instill the value of taking a turn.  Each child was full of excitement as they played together.

After all of our ball fun, it was time for a little geometry. One of my favorite geometry lessons involves play-doh! We had a great time with the play-doh as we played a game with impressions. I showed the children four items and then I had them close their eyes. I picked one item and made a impression with it in the play-doh , then it was time for my students to guess which item I used to form the impression. The children had to choose between a paperclip, quarter, dime and a button. After I played, “Guess What,” with each child, it was time for them to make their own impressions. This lesson involved geometry as we matched shapes of the same size and orientation. We also used algebra as we identified objects as the same or different.

We ended the week bouncing for joy as we used bouncy balls to make patterns with colored balls. The class was thrilled to make AB, and ABC patterns!

Susannah Joyce