Buildings, Valentine’s Day, Grandparents’ Day and The Tooth Fairy , what a wonderful month! Our last topic had this class asking , “What happens inside of buildings?”  We closed our building unit with a tour of the rooms in our preschool building. The class toured classrooms, counted windows and doors, and discussed the features that make up our preschool. We discovered that each of our classrooms has four square windows and every  classroom has a closet that the teachers use for storing supplies. Mrs. Lisa let us in on a little puppet show fun in her class, and we were thrilled to see the exercise equipment in Mrs. Tracy’s room. A special thank you to my coworkers for letting us come in and explore each class. I can’t stress enough how important it is that your child is in an environment where the teachers help each other with studies.

Our Valentine Party was full of fun! We also had a chance to practice a little name recognition as we searched for our friend’s names and placed their valentines in their boxes. A special thank you to Mrs. McWilliams , she was our room mom for February and she furnished each child with a canvas and paints to form a masterpiece.

The Tooth Fairy stopped in for a visit! We were thrilled to learn how to care for our teeth. We learned to brush our teeth twice a day. Every special event is a learning opportunity as we classified and sorted foods that are good or bad for our teeth.  Our music class with Mrs. Tipton had each child hitting the bongo drums. We learned that the larger drum makes a different sound than the smaller drum.

We used our sensory motor skills in the block area as we built bridges. Each child had to reach for, grasp, and move blocks to form narrow and wide bridges. We had to problem solve, guess, and check to see if our cars and trucks would fit onto our bridges. We determined that our large truck would have to have a wide bridge.

One of our activities this week had this class searching the alphabet. We played Same Sound Sort. I placed items in a container that started with the same letter. I called the children up and they had to take the item out of the container and tell me the letter that the item started with. The snowman and the shamrock were big hits with our letter S. This game was fun because the children could not see what item they were pulling out until they had it in their hands.

I was very proud of my students during our Grandparents’ Day celebration. It was wonderful to watch the children sing for their grandparents! I was thrilled to meet everyone and I was very proud of the class. I know every grandparent was thrilled to come into the classroom and see all of our beautiful work, and I know the children were proud of their canvas paintings that went up for auction. Our next unit will have us bouncing for joy, as we learn about balls!

Susannah Joyce