The building unit had this class moving around campus. We took a tour of the buildings around our school and we noticed that shapes are all around us. Our windows are rectangles and squares. Our school doors are rectangles and the bricks that are used to make our cafeteria are rectangles. Each child noticed that our buildings had numbers and letters on them. During this tour your child noticed the various materials used to construct our school.  We noticed that a library is in a building and this class stopped by and enjoyed a great book!

The block center was the place to be and everyone could not wait to construct a masterpiece. As the children build in the block center they are learning to work together to complete a task and respect others ideas. When I give the children a specific activity to do with a friend, such as building a zoo or a house, it helps both children practice cooperation skills. Our preschool day is much more than learning numbers and letters , we also work on building strong social skills.  

The sensory bin was full of action as we made our own snow. The children loved watching the chemical reaction as we mixed our snow powder with water. We had to measure two ounces of water to one small measuring cup to create our wonderful snow! This activity was a great science and math lesson. We learned that we had to mix exactly two ounces of water to have the snow form. We used measuring cups and containers that showed ounces of liquid. If we used two small measuring cups we needed four ounces of water. Math and science are fun!

Susannah Joyce