One of our study questions during the clothing unit was , “What clothes do people wear to work?” This class found out that community helpers wear uniforms , and certain schools require uniforms. We love our St. James uniforms! Several of our parents wear dress clothes to work. We were blessed to have a policeman, salon owner/ stylist, District Executive BSA, nurse practitioner, real estate agent, children’s book marketer, neonatal nurse , and a design consultant visit our class. A special thank you to all of our visitors. The class loved learning about the duties of each special visitor!

As the clothing unit came to a end, I thought of a great celebration to close this unit.

We had a fashion parade! We took a day off from our beautiful school uniforms and we were able to wear any clothing for our special day. The children paraded through all the preschool classrooms and we stopped by the kindergarten class, too! I must say we looked stunning in our cotton, silk, rayon, and polyester clothing! The parade was a blast , but also a learning experience for the children. We practiced following the leader, staying in line, and greeting other teachers and children.

One of our objectives for this unit had each child exploring geometric shapes with straws. We talk about geometric shapes everyday, but this lesson gave your child a hands on experience that will help them remember how shapes are alike and different. Children do not develop their ideas about shapes by sight only, they need to manipulate and compare in a variety of ways.


Math and language go hand in hand in this classroom! One of our lessons this week had my tongue twisted. We learned that tongue twisters are phrases that are hard to say because the words sound the same. The children loved to hear me say , “She sells seashells down by the seashore.” Your child is learning the sound of letter “S” when they listen to me use the letter “S” several times. This lesson helped your child with phonological awareness. Phonological awareness is an important skill in learning to read. Your child is becoming aware of letter sounds as I read and sing. Stay tuned as next week we will be moving on to our building unit.

Susannah Joyce