The first weeks of school are a special time of joy and amazement for your child. The children are making friends and learning about the schedule of the school day. Our first couple of weeks we focused on learning our names and our friend's names. We learned our teachers’ names also. The class enjoyed Physical Education class with Ms. Nicole and Music with Ms. Tipton. One friend we all loved was Humpty Dumpty. I love the way our Creative Curriculum introduces nursery rhymes into our day. Nursery rhymes help your child with language development and auditory skills.They also help each child with discriminating between sounds and developing the ear for the music of words. 

The beginning of school can also be a sad or scary time for a child who does not easily separate  from mom and dad. I introduced a special friend named Miss Muffet. We learned that we all can be scared of something and Ms. Muffet did not like spiders. This rhyme helped your child with social skills as we took turns and pretended to be a spider, or Miss Muffet. It is very important for each child to learn to work in a group and to be able to wait a turn. 

One of my favorite group activities is introducing the class to Mat Man.  We learn to follow directions at a early age and Mat Man helps us with active listening skills. The children listen to oral directions and then attend to the task of putting Mat Man together with big lines and little lines. We will use these lines later to form letters. Mat Man is from our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. As we work in a group to put Mat Man together, each child is developing drawing and counting skills. It is educational and fun to work together! This class in a joy to have and the school year is off to a great start!

Katelyn Gunter