Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

We started a new unit and we are having a blast!! Children are fascinated by what is in the trash and by items that we throw away. Your child is learning that some items can be reused and recycled. I am helping the children understand that our trash can affect our community. We are exploring and finding out what happens to our trash after it is thrown away. It is our duty to help recycle. We must keep our earth clean, our oceans and landfills are not the place for all of our trash. Many items we carelessly throw away can be recycled or used again. 

During this unit we are reusing items. A paper towel roll can be a tunnel for our cars in the block center. We can also use a empty gallon milk container for a drum. We are using our math skills to sort and classify our recycled items. Your child is learning to compare objects and identify similarities and differences, which leads to the ability to classify objects. When your child classifies / sorts she is finding things that are the same, and grouping them by specific traits.  Our objects are then counted and we determine which group has more items. Our math skills are taking off as we sort, count and pattern everyday. Recognizing and creating patterns helps your child to make predictions based on observations. One of the favorite activities this week was making AB patterns with cubes of color. We love our math activities!! 

 February is National Children's Dental Heath Month. We must learn how to take care of our teeth. I could not think of a better person to help your child with their dental heath than the tooth fairy. Dr. Glass and Dr. Bunch were able to locate the tooth fairy and they sent her our way.  Twinkles the tooth fairy came to our class!  She gave your child important information about their teeth.  We learned that we should brush our teeth two times a day , and don't forget your tongue. One of our children was chosen to be a dental assistant! She learned how to preform the duties of a dental assistant.  A few other children were chosen to be teeth. We discussed the foods that are good or bad for our teeth.   

February also involves Valentine's Day! We are preparing the room for our Valentine exchange.   I let the children make hearts with shades of pink and red paint. Hearts of red and pink will be all over our room. As your child holds the paintbrush, their fine motor skills are getting a workout . Painting and using scissors are preparing your child to hold a pencil and form letters. 

One of our important events in February is  Grandparent's Day. The children are practicing two very special songs. We can't wait to sing for our grandparents! I know every child will be glad to show their grandparent our classroom. This year we have a special item up for auction. One of our favorite books is Goldilocks and The Three Bears. I have decided to put baby bear's chair up for auction. Everyone loves this chair!! I painted it and I put each child's fingerprint on the chair. I made ladybugs out of each child's fingerprint. Someone will be taking this chair home! February is a very busy month!

We love dramatic play in this classroom. I found a large rectangle box and brought it to class. I let the children use their imagination and our box became a boat. This is just one example of how we can reuse items. The children have a great time pretending and working together. As children participate with others in drama-related play, they develop social -emotional reasoning and problem solving skills. Your child is playing , but also learning to express their feelings and expand their language skills.  A special thank you to all of our parents for bringing their recyclable items, keep them coming. Lets all remember to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

diane johnston