Fall is a exciting time of year! The leaves are changing and we are growing. Halloween and trips to Egypt are just a few of our recent adventures. This month was full of fun!! We ended October with our Halloween Party. Our parents helped paint pumpkins, and celebrate the season. This party helped our class with their hand and eye coordination as we bowled with a pumpkin.  One of the highlights of our party was getting all wrapped up like a mummy. The food was great and the children enjoyed dressing up and seeing each other in their costumes. As we wrapped up our party , it was time to take off to Egypt.


One of the great things about St. James is watching the older children learn about other countries. We were invited to tour ancient Egypt last week to watch the sixth grade class as they described what life was like in another time and country. We learned that ancient Egyptians used symbols as a form of communication. The children were amazed with the beautiful clothing and the knowledge of the older students. We went back to our class and used shaving cream as our form of communication.  One of the joys of teaching is watching my students learn to write letters. Our fingers were our writing tools and the children drew straight line letters, shapes , and people. This activity was a fine motor workout and a sensory delight!


Early math skills are important to each child. We discussed patterns and we used our shirt color to reinforce our skills. I picked a child to get up in front of the class and make a pattern with shirt colors. Red and blue shirts were involved in our AB pattern activity.The children came up one by one as their friend called their name. Each child is having to think about the color that will come next as they make their pattern.

We worked on patterns with leaf color and colored people manipulatives. Seeing a pattern and extending a pattern helps promote observation skills.


We are getting ready for our fall program and Thanksgiving. This class is soaring into autumn!

Katelyn Gunter