Rolling Right Along

Our ball unit continues to thrill the children! The past couple of weeks we found out what type of balls would roll and bounce.  Cotton balls do not roll or bounce very well. Our bowling ball rolled , but it did not bounce well.  I used the bowling game to sharpen our math skills. Your child had to count how many pins were knocked down and then determine how many pins were left standing. Our games are fun, but full teaching opportunities. 

One of our favorite games is titled Busy Bee. The children love this educational game! Your child pretends to be a bee and they fly around the room, then they look for a letter or number that I have hidden in our room. This game helps with letter and number recognition and stresses the importance of waiting your turn. I love to bring in activities that encourage your child to wait a turn. We had to take turns with our marbles.  The children loved getting their hands in the marbles!! This was a favorite activity of our ball unit. We sorted by color , and counted how many marbles were a solid color. This marble activity is a great way to enjoy a little math fun!!

December was a great month!!  One of the highlights of the month was a visit from the Texas Dept. of Parks and Wildlife. A special thank you to Mrs. Sarah for setting up this event. One of the joys of teaching at St. James is the bond between our teachers. We share ideas and teaching methods. Mrs. Sarah invited my class to learn about the different types of animals that live in our area. We discussed the needs of these animals and the different characteristics of these creatures.

We ended the month with a special visitor.  Santa was thrilled to be in our room and the Christmas party was wonderful!! A special thank you to our parents for helping with this special event. One of my favorite things about St. James is this beautiful campus. I took the children on a little nature walk and we found a ball on our campus. The children took turns hitting the ball and we loved being outside!! I love teaching letters and numbers, but my favorite things to teach are sharing , getting along with friends and being kind to each other. These qualities  will follow your child through their years at St. James. Get ready for a great new year!!!















diane johnston