Bouncing with joy!

The ball study has your child bouncing with joy! Our first topic is what do we know about balls and what do we want to find out ? This study will help the children explore social studies, and science concepts related to the nature of balls. During this study we will encounter several different types of balls. 

Math and science is taking off in this classroom! We counted each time a ball bounced and we discussed the size of balls.  I brought several large balls into the classroom. The children loved having a ball that they could sit and bounce on.  We discussed the color of our large and small balls. Science is a favorite topic in this classroom. One of our lessons had your child guessing if a ball would float in water. The ping -pong ball floated , but our heavier solid ball did not float. We will be using several types of balls as we continue to find our what type of balls will float.  

Painting is one of my favorite activities! We used small, medium and large balls for painting. We placed our balls into paint, and let them roll! . As your child moved the tray the ball rolled and left beautiful colors behind. We are learning how natural forces affect the movement of balls. Each work of art is different and unique, just like your child.   

The physical education class is rolling right along , as Mrs. Nichole uses balls in several of her lessons. Mrs. Nicole teaches a structured class everyday . Your child is learning to follow directions, and take turns . Each class is filled with the joy of learning. The children can't wait to find out what activity Mrs. Nicole has planned for them. Your child is given a set of verbal instructions and a task to preform. It might be a tag game, or learning to kick a soccer ball from a line to a wall. We love p.e. !! The next few weeks we will be discussing balls that roll and bounce . We will also continue to explore forces that make a ball move.   

Important dates:   Christmas party - in our classroom -December 20th 9:15 early dismissal at 11:00. A special visitor will be attending our party.  

Christmas break    Dec. 21 - Jan. 2 

diane johnston