We are branching out!

 The tree  unit has us branching out in all directions. We discussed that trees grow and change and people grow and change. One of the joys of teaching is watching the children grow. During a science lesson we learned that trees come from seeds. We learned about seedlings and we discussed the growth of trees. We compared ourselves to the many trees that are growing on our campus. I told the children that we all started life as a baby, just as a mighty oak starts life as a seed.  I had the children bring a baby picture to show the class.  We took turns showing the class our pictures and discussing how each of us had grown and changed. We were blessed to find a baby pine tree on one of our many nature walks. 

During a math lesson we used parts of a tree to sort and classify.  Sorting and classifying objects is a fundamental skill and the basis for understanding many concepts in math and science. I also used apples for sorting by color.  We sorted leaves by color and by the type of tree they came from.   Red and yellow leaves were used to create a- b patterns. When your child is creating a pattern, they are learning to observe, think and problem solve. 

This fall has been great and the children had a blast with all of our seasonal activities. Halloween was spectacular and the highlight of our Halloween party was the fashion show! The children loved wrapping each other up as mummies and having a great snack. The fall program was a  hit and the feast that followed was wonderful. Thank you parents for helping with this tasty meal. I  hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving break and when we return to class we will start a new study on balls. 

Thanksgiving break -- Nov. 20 - 24 


diane johnston