We are blooming!

We started off the month of October with flashing lights and a roaring siren! Our fire safety program was a big hit! We watched the firemen as he put on his fire gear. We learned not to be scared of a fireman! The highlight of the program was exploring the fire truck. I think we might have a few future firefighters in this class!

We have moved into our unit on trees. We are blooming with knowledge. Your child is learning about animals that live in trees and foods that come from trees. This unit has allowed us to take several nature walks around our beautiful campus. I used the trees on our campus to discuss the characteristics of trees in our community.

We discovered that bats and squirrels can live in trees, and people.  Your child does not need a passport to travel the world during computer time. During our computer lesson , we watched the construction of tree houses. People can live in wonderful tree houses  We were able to see the thirteen most beautiful trees in the world during a computer session. I love to bring in a little geography to our day.  

We discussed the parts of a tree and we used pine needles for a paintbrush. The children were able to walk on tree roots and feel tree bark. We learned that the bark protects the tree.

We learned that some fruit comes from trees.  Apples can be red, yellow or green. The next few weeks we will be learning about taking care of trees. I will also discuss how trees change. We love the tree unit.....stay tuned for more wonderful information.

Important dates --  November 4    St. James Gala    -- Class Fall Program -- November 16 at 10:00 in our classroom

diane johnston