We started the school year with a bang!

The first unit enlightens your child to the beginning of school. The start of a new school year can be a little scary and sad for a young three year old. It might be the first time away from mom and dad . Your child will be meeting a new teacher and will be around children he or she has never seen before. I will do my best to ensure your child has a great year!

We are focusing on names at school, and feeling sad or scared at school. Our unit also discusses rules at school. Rules at school help to keep us safe. We discuss our rules and help each other to remember them. 

I will be introducing your child to the letters in their name and the letters in their friends name. We are focusing on recognizing the letters in our names and drawing pictures of our family and friends. Mat man is here to help us with our fine motor skills , the children love to put him together. I also have books with mat man that introduce shapes and opposites. 

We will be having a blast with nursery rhymes. Before your child can read site words they are listening to songs, and rhymes. Nursery rhymes will help your child with comprehension skills, and sentence formation. Social skills are blooming as your child acts out Little Miss. Muffet , and Humpty Dumpty. 

Stay tuned for more wonderful information, and keep your eyes open for the Gingerbread Man. We will be searching high and low for him. The children are having a great time using their gross motor skills with Mrs. Nicole. Everyone looks forward to p.e. !!

We are off to a great start! Have a great week and I know we will!

savannah jarratt