"Thinking Outside the Box" in PreK

Have you ever noticed how children get excited when they see large cardboard boxes? Boxes are full of possibilities!  Our box study is well underway and we’ve already gathered quite a collection. The children come in each morning excited about sharing their boxes.  Some boxes we’ve received so far include: a treasure box, nesting boxes, boxes for jewelry, various foods, candy, and a lunch box. We’ve attained boxes made of wood, leather, fabric, metal, and cardboard, as well as boxes of a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some new vocabulary words introduced were face, corner, cube, cylinder, and lid.  The boys and girls counted the faces and corners of many boxes from our collection.  They also discussed the importance of lids and how they help keep items from falling out.

Instead of a “Bear Hunt” we went on a “Box Hunt.”  We started our hunt in Mrs. Amanda’s class where we discovered 19 different boxes!  The children especially liked her tool box. Next, we traveled to Mrs. Diane’s class where we saw boxes of all shapes and sizes.  A favorite from Mrs. Diane’s class was her button box. From there, we went next door to Mrs. Sarah’s room where we found boxes that held food, puzzles, and paint.  Our final stop was kindergarten. There, the children saw Mrs. Kyle’s big sandbox, as well as her cool sensory bin boxes. A big thanks to all the teachers for allowing us to explore their classrooms.

What do you do with a super big box, paint, and rubber balls?  You create “Cooperative Box Art” that’s what! Working in teams, the children selected their paint and then worked together to roll the rubber balls in the big box.  The result was beautiful! Be sure to check out our Masterpiece in the hallway.

Keeping with the theme of boxes and working together, I divided the class into 2 groups, boys and girls.  Each group had to decide what it was they were going to build and then construct it. The children had a blast!  Learning to share ideas and work together is a big part of what PreK is all about. The boys created a spaceship along with a piece titled, Mrs. Lisa.  The girls created a fabulous castle and school bus. Boxes are SO cool!

Please check back in a few weeks for more PreK adventures!

Mrs. Lisa   

Tracy Jones