Love-ly Things Are Happening In PreK!

I want to begin my blog by congratulating both PreK classes on their fabulous Grandparent's Day performance.  The children sang the months of the year in English and Spanish, recited scripture, and shared an array of adjectives describing their grandparents.  Mrs. Tracy and I could not have been more pleased.  The grandparents appeared to really enjoy touring the classroom, looking at all the fun pictures from throughout the year, as well as the children's work.  No doubt about it, we love our grandparents!

Valentine's Day was double the fun because it was my birthday as well.  The boys and girls had a good time decorating their Valentine sacks. They also enjoyed matching lower case and capital letters to form hearts.  The class totally surprised me with pizza and a beautiful cake.  I couldn't ask for sweeter children and parents.  After a Valentine exchange, the children took home bags filled with hearts and candy.

We celebrated Dental Health month with a special visit from the Tooth Fairy.  The children learned a lot of important information in regard to caring for their teeth.  Several of the students were asked to assist during the presentation.  The Tooth Fairy even sprinkled fairy dust on everyone before leaving!

To conclude our exercise study the children participated in some yoga moves, ran an obstacle course, and learned about proper warmup techniques from Mrs. McCarley.  Mrs. McCarley also spoke about the importance of good running shoes, as well as the type of clothes we should wear when running.   What a great way to end such a fun study!

Check back with us next month for more exciting PreK adventures!

Mrs. Lisa

Tracy Jones