Week one, already done! What a busy first week it was. Believe me, PreK is on the move. Our Focus Question for the first week of school was, names we need to know at school.  We practiced recognizing our names using lower case letters, as well as learning the names of other teachers and helpers at our school. We even discovered that the new centers in our room have names such as reading/writing, science and math, dramatic play, sensory bin, and magnet center.

In PreK we are learning how to problem solve, work together, respect each other, and be kind to one another. We practice these things daily through center time play, as well as our normal routine.


We attended our first music class with Mrs. Tipton. The children played a fun hopscotch/do-re-mi game. I was amazed at how quickly the children caught on!

Daily PE, with Coach Nicole, helps to develop not only our large motor skills, but fine motor as well. We’re really looking forward to all the fun activities she has planned.

Technology is going to be a BLAST! Mrs. Kirkland introduced the children to “ the mouse.” She even let them practice using it. As the year progresses the boys and girls will be learning how to make Robotic animals from Legos. To say the least, they are over the top excited!

The book, The Kissing Hand, was also read and enjoyed the first week. We discussed the meaning of nocturnal, and even discovered animals ( other than Chester, the raccoon in our story) who were nocturnal as well.


Our week ended with a fun Chester Hunt. After a Special Delivery letter arrived at our door, we began our quest to find Chester. We followed our first clue which led us to Mrs. Cheryl at the office. Next, we went to the cafeteria where Mrs. Denise gave us our second clue. After that, Mrs. Anderson was waiting on the playground with a third clue. Finally, we followed the clues (paw prints) back to our room. To our surprise, Chester had left us a special heart cookie. What a fun adventure it was!

So, as you can see, we’ve been quite busy. Please check back in a few weeks for more PreK news!

Mrs. Lisa   


Katelyn Gunter