Music, Boxes, Board Game, Roman Feast, and Muffins with Moms

Mrs. Tipton, our music teacher, is an amazing teacher. Not only do the students learn sweet songs, play learning games that reinforce listening skills, and learn about (and play) a variety of instruments, they learn how to read music! Mrs. Tipton teaches the children the notes and music symbols. Young children have an amazing ability to easily retain this information and it is a skill they can use while learning any instrument. Mrs. Tipton lived in Kentucky for a long period of time, and to honor the Kentucky Derby, she taught the children “Camptown Races” and they rode stick horses to race around the playground. Early in the week, the class saw another class riding the stick horses and they looked forward to it all week. Even though there were a few tumbles, the children really enjoyed this activity and learning a new song.

In small group the class played a board game, Boggle Jr. The children loved playing in pairs and trying to beat the timer! This exercise illustrated how kind these children are to one another. They couldn’t contain themselves, they had to help their friend to find the letters in the game. Boggle Jr. is an exciting way to review letter recognition, exercise your fine motor skills, reading small words, time management, and teamwork. I am leaving it out for the remainder of the year for the students to play during centers.

Since beginning our study on boxes, we have discussed 3D shapes, length, and height. Boxes are an excellent way to introduce cubes and rectangular prisms, they allow the children hands on experiences with the two shapes. Noticing the differences and similarities. One morning, I split the class into small groups and told them to take turns stacking boxes to match their heights. We started with the tallest person in each group. They stacked the boxes and then compared each stack to see which one was the tallest. Then, to compare length, the shortest child in each group laid down and the other group members used boxes to measure them. After everyone had the boxes laid out, the children used a measuring tape to measure the length of the boxes.Comparing and contrasting items, people, and places comes naturally to children and it leads to critical thinking and creative projects!

Last Friday, the 5th graders held the annual Roman Feast. This was the best one yet! The children had so much fun walking around and play games that taught us about Ancient Roman culture. We also had Muffins with Moms last Friday. It was a sweet time to make memories with loved ones.

We have had such a wonderful year. I have been blessed to be in these children’s lives and I look forward to seeing what the future hold for each of them!


Claire Gordon