Easter and Music

We ended March by celebrating Easter, remembering that Jesus died and was resurrected so that we could be saved and forgiven.



Last week the class began the Music study. Music, sounds, and noises are very much a part of the children’s daily lives. We listen to music on the way to school in the morning, sounds are present as we walk to PE, and different noises are abundant in the classroom at every point in our day. This is a study that the children enjoy impart because they are familiar with the terminology and the subject, but also because it is fun to express oneself with music. There isn’t one person who can’t add to a conversation about music. Being able to relate and move to different music is a great way to connect and deepen the community in the classroom. Last week the children listened and danced around to instrumental, pop, jazz, and silly music in class. One morning, the daily question was: Can you make sound with these? I had paper towel rolls, paper plates, spoons, bowls, can, and rubber bands. Of course, the children said yes and demonstrated different ways to make sound. I left the sounds making items out all week for the children to use and experiment with making different noises. We discussed low and high sounds. Using the big drum the children took turns making sounds and patterns by hitting the drum with their hands and/or a paper towel roll. The children were able to feel the vibration of the drum, some were able to see it too. This week we will delve into the study even more and learn about the different instrument families. Today, we focused on the percussion family and everyone marched around playing a percussion instrument. Also this week, the children will be attended a performance at the Perot. What better way to study music than to go to a professional performance? I love that this study aligns with the annual PreK talent show. Putting focus on the aspects of practicing, working together, and feeling the accomplishment of completing your work with a performance. This is by far the loudest study, but it is a great one and many memories will be made!


Claire Gordon