A Few of my Favorite Things...

April has been a very busy month is PreK! The children have continued studying music, attended enrichment classes, went to a program at school and at the Perot, participated in Show and Tell, and supported our fellow St. James students by attending the Medieval Fair and a pep rally for the Quiz Bowl team. All while preparing and practicing for the big annual PreK Talent Show.

The music study has been a fun way for the children to explore instruments, music terms such as: tempo, volume, rhythm, instrument families. Music lends itself easily to math. The class takes votes on favorite instruments, types of music, certain songs, etc and then we tally, discuss which numbers are greater than or less than, add (and subtract) the totals; hearing and seeing patterns are done regularly, especially when we hear salsa music! The class loves being able to get up and dance around to the music.

One of my favorite things about St. James is that all students go to PE everyday. While in PE the children practice gross motor skills, play games that reinforce listening, sportsmanship, and honesty, and they get their blood pumping and have fun! My class comes together for two large group meetings in the morning, once before PE and once right after and the children are always more interactive after PE. Getting up and moving helps the brain make better connections and helps the children be more alert.

Another thing that I love about St. James is the sense of community that we have on campus. Not only do the older children mentor the younger students, but the younger students are the older childrens biggest fans. The younger students love viewing projects and presentations put together by the middle school students. This gives the older children an opportunity to put their leadership skills to practice and be good examples of what is expected at St. James. This also sets the stage for a safe and trusting campus. All of the students see and interact with all of the teachers and other students so often that we all feel comfortable asking one another for help or direction if needed. Recently the class traveled back to medieval times as the 6th grade presented the annual Medieval Fair. There was also a school wide pep rally to encourage the Quiz Bowl team before they traveled to Little Rock to compete. It was great to see everyone cheering on the students who had worked so hard.

Every year PreK puts on a talent show in front of their families and the entire school. The children learn several group songs and they show their talent. When typed out it doesn’t seem like much, but it is so much more than that; the children have to be aware of timing and their placement, the order of the show and when they have their turn, memorizing songs and lines, endure through practices, and have the courage to stand in front of a large audience and speak. I am beyond proud of PreK for their determination, perseverance, and attitude with the whole process of the talent show; from the first practice to the final bow. They are amazing children!

Have a blessed day!


Claire Gordon