Bread, Field Trip, and the Tooth Fairy

Why study Bread? From time to time someone will ask me this question. It isn’t always specific to bread, sometimes it is why study Pets, Roads, Exercise, Music, or Boxes? These studies, and in effect Creative Curriculum, help me to foster the children’s natural curiosity about subjects that are in their daily lives. When investigating these studies, I am easily able to reach all levels of development: social/emotional, language, cognitive, and physical. Studying subjects that are in their environments makes exploration more meaningful and lends itself to the students feeling more confident about their role in learning. I am able to choose from an array of teaching strategies such as cooperative learning, student lead, group discussion, independent study,  or teacher lead. When students feel comfortable with themselves and their environment they are better able to allow their creativity to flow. It is simple, children learn best by doing and creating. St. James Day School uses hands-on, project based learning in every class at every level, beginning with our pre school. I am able to integrate learning in all subject (literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology) areas through these content rich topics.

The children have experienced a range of breads while studying bread. Not only do the children taste the breads, but they see how the breads are made and the country of origin. We have traveled the world in just a few days. The breads we have tried are: naan, cinnamon rolls, flatbread, cornbread, muffins (lemon poppy seed, banana nut, and bran), tortillas, tostadas, pumpernickel, crescent rolls, sourdough. The class had the opportunity to make cinnamon bread. 

Friday, the class took a field trip to Be the Blessing Bakery. The children had so much fun seeing first hand so many things we have discussed in class. Such a meaningful experience! The children helped make Aunt Geraldine’s Biscuits and loved tasting the end product. It was very neat to be in a place we have been studying and see the equipment, wear part of the uniform (the hair net), abide by the sanitation rules, see the storage areas, and witness the sights and smell of a bakery. Be the Blessing is not only an amazing bakery, but a wonderful local cause. Be the Blessing is apart of The Randy Sams’ Outreach Shelter. The bakery is an opportunity for clients from Randy Sams’ to learn cooking skills for personal use and potential job opportunities, give back to the shelter, and learn about budgeting/finances.

Monday, the Tooth Fairy visited Primary 1-1st grade. They enjoyed learning about the importance of dental health.Twinkle, the tooth fairy, reminded the children that they need to brush their teeth two times a day for two minutes, brush in a circular motion, and brush up and down on their tongues. Twinkle also told the children about how sugar and candy stick to your teeth. It can be hard to remove all of the sugar and candy from your teeth if you eat it too often and don’t brush your teeth very well. Many questions were asked about how Twinkle travels around to different houses! Thank you Pediatric Dentistry of Texarkana for offering the Twinkle the Tooth Fairy Program.

Have a blessed day!!


Claire Gordon