Wild, domesticated, characteristics, and habitat were just a few of the new vocabulary words learned while exploring our pet study.  The children are thrilled with their class pet, Goldie.  The boys and girls came up with various names and then voted upon them.  Goldie was the winner! 


We discovered that domesticated animals make good pets, while wild animals are not use to living with people.  The children sorted toy animals into two categories.  Observations were recorded in regard to how domesticated and wild animals were alike and different.

Several different pet foods were also explored.  A guessing game was played where the children had to match the food to the pet.  Fish food, bird, cat, and dog food (wet and dry) were all on display for the children to touch, see, and smell.  Young children learn best when they can touch and feel something.  Sensory play provides opportunities for boys and girls to learn in a meaningful way.  Sensory bins can support a wide variety of academic skills such as oral language development, creativity, imagination, capacity, volume, fine motor skills, measurement, and critical thinking skills.  Therefore, our sensory bin changed from colored rice to dog food!  The children had a blast pouring, dumping, filling, scooping, and raking the food in the bin.


The children loved eating donuts with their dads during a special event called Donuts and Dads.  Not only were dads invited, but grandparents, uncles, and special friends as well.  The boys and girls watercolored beautiful ties, along with several other handmade gifts.  A fun time was had by all.


So far, we've learned how to write capital letters L, F, E, and H, along with numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum is the best when it comes to teaching proper letter/number formation.  The children learn in an easy, fun, hands-on approach that's not only fun for them, but their teacher, too!


Once a week we join Mrs. Wagy's fourth graders for Library. The boys and girls love being read to by the "Big Kids".  They certainly help to instill a love of reading in my little ones. Thank you Mrs. Wagy's class!


Check back with us in a couple of weeks for more exciting PreK news!

Mrs. Lisa

Katelyn Gunter