It's beginning to look a lot like fall in Pre-K!  Beautiful watercolored leaves, "shape pumpkins" that the children cut from ovals, triangles, squares, and crescents, and googly eyed bats adorn the room and hallway. 


We ended our study of pets with a special visit from Ashley Brown and her horses, Hay-Hay and Baby.  The boys and girls had a great time petting, brushing, and observing the animals.  A big thank you to Mrs. Brown for sharing them with us.  What a wonderful learning experience! 


Also, hanging outside our door are our ghost graphs.  Graphing is an important math tool.  It can be a simple way to introduce broader concepts of greater than/less than, or most and least.  When children are introduced to graphs at an early age, it can help them to understand huge mathematical concepts.  Concepts such as sorting, organizing, counting, comparing, and analyzing.  The boys and girls colored four different shapes on their ghost graphs.  After that, they graphed them at the bottom of the page according to color and shape.  I was super proud of their work! 


Last week we began our study of roads.  Vocabulary words such as route, map, travel, and characteristics have been introduced and discussed.  Some characteristics the children named when describing roads were smooth, bumpy, dirty, winding, and rocky.  They have also had fun constructing roads in the block area, as well as the magnetic board.  We'll be touring the school parking lot soon to discover more interesting features. 


Shaving cream was a huge hit when it came to our letter/number review.  As I called out the letters and numbers the boys and girls wrote them in the shaving cream.     Not only did it reinforce their skills, but it cleaned the tables as well!


October 31st, Halloween, the students from both Pre-K's will be performing their Halloween program at Opportunities, costumes and all!  They're really looking forward to singing for the boys and girls.  It should be Spooktacular!

Please check back with us in November for more exciting Pre-K news!

Mrs. Lisa

Katelyn Gunter