Bread and Measuring

The children have dove into the bread study. We’ve had several friends share bread that they enjoyed home. The class has eaten friendship bread, sourdough bread, and cinnamon rolls. The class also had samplings of buns, biscuits, and raisin bread. They had fun trying the different breads, but discussing how the bread felt, tasted, and smelled seemed to really capture their excitement.

You can’t study bread and not make any! Last week I brought my bread machine to class and together we made a loaf of white bread. I passed around the recipe and everyone pointed out letters that were in their names. Together we listed and viewed the ingredients. We discussed that there are numbers on recipes and those numbers tell you how much of the ingredients you need to measure. Each child added an ingredient, or part of one, into the pan. The bread baked through lunch and nap, making the room smell delicious. For afternoon snack the class ate fresh bread and had the option of spreading butter and/or apple butter on their slice. Seeing the pride on their face as they ate what they had made was priceless.

The children participated in another measuring activity this week. In small groups the children took turns measuring each other’s height with chains. In large group, we talked about using different tools to use measure objects and I told them they were going to see how tall they were in chains. This activity reinforced the discussion on measuring and cooperative learning. Working in a group is difficult, it is especially difficult at this age. At this point in their lives, children are still learning how to share, take turns, and communicate their needs. This is a great opportunity for them to practice all three of those skills. All while practicing a common math and science skill and having FUN!

Have a blessed day!!



Claire Gordon