Class Road, Estimating, Twizzler Roads, and Transportation Morning

The road study has been loads of fun for the class. The children have discovered and discussed the purpose of maps and traffic signs, jobs that involve roads (engineers, contractors, construction workers, mail carriers,people who deliver food, etc.), and interesting road features. This study has lent itself to several creative activities involving math and planning. The class had to work together to build a road, which turned into a city. Each child added a portion of the road, I love this because it shows their creativity and encourages the children plan out the next move; even though sometimes they had to adjust and change their plans. Some wanted to add curves or bridges, but they had to wait to see what was needed and go from there. During a  small group activity the class learned about estimating. I filled the guessing jar with trucks and cars, explained that estimating is taking an educated guess, and had every child estimate how many vehicles where in the jar. I kept track of everyone's guesses and, as a class, we figured out which number was the greatest, smallest, and closest to the correct answer. Two students guessed the correct number! I told the children that estimating is something that we do on a daily basis and they will do it often in their school careers, especially in science and math classes.

For a little fun fine motor strength building, the class had to unravel (harder than it sounds) twizzlers and create roads. It seems easy to us, but for their little hands and fingers it can be challenging to manipulate the twizzler and get it the desired length without it tearing. If their design called for shorter roads, the children had to cut the pieces to the ideal size and map it out. Hearing the children described their roads to me was great; I loved how they created bridges, curvey roads, and intersections. So much higher order thinking!! The students remembered and understand concepts from the study and are able to apply the information while creating the roads. The best part is they are having fun and stretching their brains further everyday! Pre-k is really the best place to be!

To wrap the study up, the class made gravel slime. To say they enjoyed the slime is an understatement! Science experiments are always a fun way to tie in elements that we have been studying. The slime was around for a few days for the children to make roads or for the toy trucks to have loads of gravel to drop somewhere. For our final day of the road study, the class had transportation morning. The children brought bikes, scooters, and other fun non-motorized things to ride for a bit on Friday morning. Roads has been a terrific study, and we are looking forward to what we will discover in the Pets study!!

Have a great week!


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Claire Gordon