Roads, Litter and Maps

We have had beautiful weather this week and I have tried to make the most of it with the class. When possible, we took our learning outside! This week I introduced our new study on Roads. Finding the children's previous knowledge of roads has been enlightening, they know so much about the subject already. This makes for great conversation and a deeper look into the different areas of our study. To give the children some visual representations of what we were discussing in class, we took a stroll around campus to check out our roads. After we explored campus I gave the class an assignment. I asked them to draw something they discovered on our walk. I love seeing how the children interpret what I have said or shown them. I added the assignment to their journals. 

This week, letter L was the focus in the children's Handwriting Without Tears workbooks. At St. James we like to encourage the children to take care of our school, along with others and the community. Last year the children studied Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and it has stuck with them! Tracy and I thought it would be great to have the children go on a litter walk. This helped reinforce being responsible for keeping the campus clean and a fun way to integrate the letter L. Both Pre-K classes walked around campus and picked up litter. As soon as we came in each child washed their hands, a mini-lesson on cleanliness too! 

One of the vocabulary words this week was map. The class looked at a paper map, and quickly informed me that their parents use their phones instead of a map like the one I had. We discussed the positive points on using both types of maps. Together we made a map of the school, and independently I asked the children to draw their own map of the school. They took the job seriously! I love the creativity the students have, so much personality shines through the maps. 

We have had a great start to Pre-k, and the best is yet to come!
Have a blessed day!

savannah jarratt