A Glimpse Down Memory Lane!

What a fun year of learning!  Looking through all the pictures brought back wonderful memories of our various studies, programs, field trips, and special friendships made.  I consider it a blessing to teach in a loving, Christian environment where God’s word can be shared on a daily basis. I have many goals for the children to reach throughout the year.  However, my main goal is to instill a lifelong love of learning in each and everyone of them. St. James allows teachers the opportunity for “hands on” learning. Hands-on activities allow children to use their senses while learning.  They learn control, communication, concentration and dedication to finishing tasks and problem solving skills. Children become active learners. I believe that’s why we continue to produce such outstanding students year after year. St. James is simply the best!  

Have a fun and safe summer, and don’t forget to check back with us in August for more Pre-K adventures.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse down memory lane, such great memories!

Mrs. Lisa   











Tracy Jones
Pre-K's Got Talent!

After discussing various types of bread and the dough they were made from, a couple of our sweet moms volunteered to help us with a “special tasting.”  I was amazed at the diverse assortment of food they brought to share with the children. The tasting included: Italian, French, Sesame Seed French, Banana Nut, and Raisin bread.   Blueberry bagels, butter croissants, Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, pretzels, shortcake, biscuits, and waffles added to our menu as well. A variety of muffins were also offered to the children which included poppyseed, blueberry, and strawberry.  To say the least, the boys and girls had a smorgasbord to choose from! Thank you Jamie and Mary for helping to make it such a fun experience!

The following day we made a chart and tallied our favorite foods from our “special tasting.”  This year we have learned to count a group of objects using tally marks. The objective is that the child will understand that one mark is equal to one object.  They’ve also been introduced to the concept of grouping tally marks into sets of five. After tallying, we came up with a first, second, and third place winner. They were waffles (first), biscuits (second), and pretzels (third).  

After many weeks of rehearsing for our talent show, both Pre-K classes entertained a gym full of parents, grandparents, friends, and fellow students.  Creative expression is a great way to build self-confidence and can be particularly beneficial for introverted or reserved children. Students also learn the value of both positive and constructive feedback.  To watch the children perform with such enthusiasm and poise was truly a joy to see! Mind you, they’re 4 and 5 years old! Mrs. Tracy and I are extremely proud of all the children and their accomplishments.

I can’t believe May is already here.  However, we still have quite a bit to do before school is out.  Looking forward to Muffins for Moms on May10th. Be sure and check back with us in a few weeks for more Pre-K adventures!

Mrs. Lisa      

Tracy Jones
Bake Someone Happy

Our box factory has officially become our class bakery.  Why investigate bread you might ask? Bread is everywhere!  Nearly every culture in the world eats some type of bread. A study of bread provides children with an opportunity to learn how bread is made, the kinds of bread we eat, who works with bread, and how and when we eat bread.  It also encourages children to explore a familiar topic and allows them to gather information, solve problems, imagine, and think symbolically.

The children are having a great time playing with all the bowls, utensils, aprons, chef hats, and play food.  Young children thrive on dramatic play. They love to dress up and act out real life situations in the play center.  The opportunities for developing creativity, imagination, and oral language skills in the play center are endless! A big thank you to everyone for sharing items from home so that our children can have the best bakery ever!

Pre-K loves to paint.  However, painting on bread was a first!  Everyone watched as food coloring of different colors was poured into bowls of milk.  The boys and girls then selected the colors they wanted their bread to be. Then, ever so carefully the children painted their bread with a foam brush. All the pieces were then toasted and thoroughly enjoyed.  How fun to eat your very own masterpiece!

What’s more fun than playing with play-doh? Why, making it of course!  After gathering the ingredients and measuring tools needed, the children echoed me as I read each step of the recipe.  Following a recipe teaches children not only how to follow directions, but helps to develop problem solving skills as well.  It can help build their vocabulary, introduce basic math skills, from simple counting to fractions and much more. After discussing the vocabulary word, knead, we all practiced kneading the dough we had made.  After voting on which color the dough should be, blue was the winner. Our hands were blue for the rest of the day! What fun the children had cutting out designs with the play-doh they had made themselves.

The Easter Bunny hopped by for a quick visit this morning.  The children loved getting their picture made with him, as well as receiving some special bunny hugs!

Not rain, sleet, snow, or hail can stop Pre-K from an egg hunt!  Due to rain our egg hunt was changed to the gym. Our precious parents helped to   hide literally hundreds of eggs. Screams of delight rang through the gym as both classes found all the eggs in less than 3 minutes!  After the hunt the children were treated to a beautiful lunch provided by the room moms. A special thank you to these caring parents for helping to make such wonderful memories for the children.

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter. “He is risen, He is risen indeed!”

Mrs. Lisa

Tracy Jones
No Fooling, April is Upon Us!

I can hardly believe that April is already here.  The school year is flying by! What a fun time we’ve had with our study of boxes.  Boxes are endlessly fascinating to young children. Perhaps more than any toy or game, boxes have the power to hold children’s attention and spark their imagination in astonishing ways.  A study of boxes builds on children’s natural curiosity and promotes important skills as children gather information, learn about the world around them, and solve problems. The class took a vote and decided that our big trampoline box should become a rocket ship.  After discussing everyone’s ideas, and believe me there were many, Mr. Charles, my husband, helped with the construction. You should have seen the children’s faces when they saw the rocket ship for the first time! The boys and girls have had a blast pretending to be astronauts in space.  Some of our class puppets have even flown on the shuttle! A big thank you to Jamie Ashby, Rachel’s mom, for supplying us with the box, as well as various items that we’ve used for our control panel.

Our study ended with a  field trip to The Shipping Post.  Both Pre-K classes were allowed to go to the back of the store where all the packing takes place.  Hannah, our tour guide, did an excellent job explaining to the children how items were measured, wrapped with special peanuts and bubble wrap for protection, boxed, and taped.  We saw boxes of all shapes and sizes, along with a special machine that shot out packing peanuts! She even gave each child their own piece of bubble wrap to pop. You would have thought it was a fireworks celebration!  A big thank you again to The Shipping Post for allowing us to visit. It was the perfect conclusion to our box study.

We’ve really been practicing writing our numbers 0-20, a well as our letters.  Instead of working inside, both Pre-K’s ventured out to the sidewalk to practice their writing  with sidewalk chalk. So far, the children can write 23 letters. They are so proud of themselves!

Easter will be here before we know it.  The class painted beautiful watercolor crosses that we hung in the windows.  Not only are the colors pretty, but the message, “He is risen!” can be seen on the crosses as well.  I wrote the message in white crayon before the children painted them. They were so excited to see the “secret message”” appear as they painted.

How wonderful to work at a school where God’s word can be shared!

We’re hard at work practicing for our Talent Show which will be held April 26th.  Between both Pre-K classes the talent is amazing! The children are gaining self confidence each day as they practice before their peers.  They’re also learning that to succeed takes practice. Working with a partner also calls for “give and take.” So many important lessons to be learned from performing!

Please check back with us in a couple of weeks as we begin our bread study.  Should be yummy!

Mrs. Lisa

Tracy Jones
"Thinking Outside the Box" in PreK

Have you ever noticed how children get excited when they see large cardboard boxes? Boxes are full of possibilities!  Our box study is well underway and we’ve already gathered quite a collection. The children come in each morning excited about sharing their boxes.  Some boxes we’ve received so far include: a treasure box, nesting boxes, boxes for jewelry, various foods, candy, and a lunch box. We’ve attained boxes made of wood, leather, fabric, metal, and cardboard, as well as boxes of a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some new vocabulary words introduced were face, corner, cube, cylinder, and lid.  The boys and girls counted the faces and corners of many boxes from our collection.  They also discussed the importance of lids and how they help keep items from falling out.

Instead of a “Bear Hunt” we went on a “Box Hunt.”  We started our hunt in Mrs. Amanda’s class where we discovered 19 different boxes!  The children especially liked her tool box. Next, we traveled to Mrs. Diane’s class where we saw boxes of all shapes and sizes.  A favorite from Mrs. Diane’s class was her button box. From there, we went next door to Mrs. Sarah’s room where we found boxes that held food, puzzles, and paint.  Our final stop was kindergarten. There, the children saw Mrs. Kyle’s big sandbox, as well as her cool sensory bin boxes. A big thanks to all the teachers for allowing us to explore their classrooms.