"Thinking Outside the Box" in PreK

Have you ever noticed how children get excited when they see large cardboard boxes? Boxes are full of possibilities!  Our box study is well underway and we’ve already gathered quite a collection. The children come in each morning excited about sharing their boxes.  Some boxes we’ve received so far include: a treasure box, nesting boxes, boxes for jewelry, various foods, candy, and a lunch box. We’ve attained boxes made of wood, leather, fabric, metal, and cardboard, as well as boxes of a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some new vocabulary words introduced were face, corner, cube, cylinder, and lid.  The boys and girls counted the faces and corners of many boxes from our collection.  They also discussed the importance of lids and how they help keep items from falling out.

Instead of a “Bear Hunt” we went on a “Box Hunt.”  We started our hunt in Mrs. Amanda’s class where we discovered 19 different boxes!  The children especially liked her tool box. Next, we traveled to Mrs. Diane’s class where we saw boxes of all shapes and sizes.  A favorite from Mrs. Diane’s class was her button box. From there, we went next door to Mrs. Sarah’s room where we found boxes that held food, puzzles, and paint.  Our final stop was kindergarten. There, the children saw Mrs. Kyle’s big sandbox, as well as her cool sensory bin boxes. A big thanks to all the teachers for allowing us to explore their classrooms.

What do you do with a super big box, paint, and rubber balls?  You create “Cooperative Box Art” that’s what! Working in teams, the children selected their paint and then worked together to roll the rubber balls in the big box.  The result was beautiful! Be sure to check out our Masterpiece in the hallway.

Keeping with the theme of boxes and working together, I divided the class into 2 groups, boys and girls.  Each group had to decide what it was they were going to build and then construct it. The children had a blast!  Learning to share ideas and work together is a big part of what PreK is all about. The boys created a spaceship along with a piece titled, Mrs. Lisa.  The girls created a fabulous castle and school bus. Boxes are SO cool!

Please check back in a few weeks for more PreK adventures!

Mrs. Lisa   

Tracy Jones
Love-ly Things Are Happening In PreK!

I want to begin my blog by congratulating both PreK classes on their fabulous Grandparent's Day performance.  The children sang the months of the year in English and Spanish, recited scripture, and shared an array of adjectives describing their grandparents.  Mrs. Tracy and I could not have been more pleased.  The grandparents appeared to really enjoy touring the classroom, looking at all the fun pictures from throughout the year, as well as the children's work.  No doubt about it, we love our grandparents!

Valentine's Day was double the fun because it was my birthday as well.  The boys and girls had a good time decorating their Valentine sacks. They also enjoyed matching lower case and capital letters to form hearts.  The class totally surprised me with pizza and a beautiful cake.  I couldn't ask for sweeter children and parents.  After a Valentine exchange, the children took home bags filled with hearts and candy.

We celebrated Dental Health month with a special visit from the Tooth Fairy.  The children learned a lot of important information in regard to caring for their teeth.  Several of the students were asked to assist during the presentation.  The Tooth Fairy even sprinkled fairy dust on everyone before leaving!

To conclude our exercise study the children participated in some yoga moves, ran an obstacle course, and learned about proper warmup techniques from Mrs. McCarley.  Mrs. McCarley also spoke about the importance of good running shoes, as well as the type of clothes we should wear when running.   What a great way to end such a fun study!

Check back with us next month for more exciting PreK adventures!

Mrs. Lisa

Tracy Jones
Cooking Up Fun In PreK!

We are well underway with our exercise study, and "pumping it up" in PreK!  We've discussed the importance of exercise and good nutrition.  After reading the book,Guacamole, the class decided to make some of their own.  The recipe in the story called for only 4 ingredients.  Those ingredients were 4 large avocados, 2 limes, cilantro, and salt.  The children were amazed at the size of the pit in the avocado.  They were super excited when I told them we could plant it outside and grow our very own avocados!  The boys and girls took turns mashing and stirring the mixture.  Cilantro was an ingredient most of the children were not familiar with.  They all agreed that it looked like "little trees."  After double checking our recipe to make sure that nothing was left out, we enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  The children loved dipping their chips in the guacamole.  It was the perfect midmorning snack!

Many new discoveries have been made in regard to exercise.  We've learned that the heart is a muscle and that the more you move your body the faster it beats.  Each morning we check our pulse after doing morning exercises.  Our arms, legs, lungs, and heart work hard when we exercise, and that makes them stronger.

February 15th is Grandparent's Day.  The children are excited to honor them with special songs and poems.  A tour of our classroom, along with a special gift, is something each grandparent can look forward to!

We look forward to sharing those pictures with you soon.  Check back with us in a couple of weeks for more PreK adventures!

Mrs. Lisa

Tracy Jones

What do you do when you hope for snow, and it doesn't come?  You make your own of course! That's exactly what our class did with "Insta Snow."  We discussed the importance of following the directions exactly, and what might happen if we didn't.  The children took turns mixing 1 scoop of powder with 2 ounces of water. They were amazed as the powder changed into snow before their very eyes!  The boys and girls have had a blast pouring, sifting, and measuring the "Insta Snow" in our class sensory bin.


We've begun a new study on exercise.  We discovered that exercise helps to keep our bodies healthy and our bones strong.  Exercise even helps your brain. When you exercise, you are able to be a better thinker! The Creative Play Center is now our PreK Gym.  A BIG thank you to everyone for sending exercise items for the children to use. Our gym is growing to the point where we may need to issue memberships!  

We love puzzles!  When children work on puzzles you can expect 3 basic skills to be built.  First, Physical Skills, the ability to hold puzzle pieces and turn them until they fit.  Second, Cognitive Skills, learning how to solve the problems of a puzzle. Finally, a child learns Emotional Skills, they learn patience and are rewarded when they complete the puzzle.

February proves to be a fun and busy month with Valentine's Day, Grandparent's Day, and a special visit from the Tooth Fairy.  Check back with us in February for more PreK adventures!

Mrs. Lisa

Susannah Joyce

"Do you want to build a snowman?"  PreK sure did!  The first day back after Christmas break, the children decorated their very own snowboy and snowgirl.  We discussed how God made each snowflake unique, as well as making them unique.  Psalm 139:14, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." 


We counted snowballs up to 13, our number of the week.  The boys and girls also played a fun roll the dice, draw a snowman game.  The number they rolled determined what part of the snowman they drew.  The game sure helped to sharpen our counting skills. 


I also tested the children's gross motor skills by playing snowball toss with them.  Upon hearing the initial letter sound in their name, they had to stand and catch the snowball.

The boys and girls are still loving our music study.  Vocabulary words such as pitch, audience, and applause were discussed and demonstrated.  All kinds of instruments were explored and played by the children at different tempos.  Our room even has a recording studio complete with instruments and a karaoke machine! 


One of the highlights of the week was the "Christmas Show and Tell."  The students practiced their public speaking skills by sharing their favorite Christmas gift with the class.  Santa was certainly good to all of them! 


Our class wishes everyone a happy New Year and looks forward to sharing more exciting 2019 adventures!

Mrs. Lisa

Katelyn Gunter