Bunnies, and Turtles, and Hamsters, Oh My!


“I am wonderfully made!”  The past couple of weeks I’ve learned a lot about my students and their families.  We talked about how families were alike/different. The children discussed how many people were in their family, and then drew pictures of them.  

All about Me sacks were shared and enjoyed by all.  The items brought by the children certainly gave an insight into their unique and individual personalities.

One of our focus questions included, “What should we do if we get sad or scared at school?”  The question brought about some very good responses such as: “tell a teacher,” “hug a luvie,” “find a friend,” “hug my teacher,” “look at our class Kissing Hand book,” and “find a friend.” Discussing emotions with children helps them learn to recognize their feelings, understand why they are feeling that way, and find ways to express their feelings appropriately.

Bunnies, and turtles, and hamsters, oh my!  On Monday we began our study of pets. Mrs. Tracy’s class shared Aubrey’s bunny, while Rhodes told us all about his turtle.  Mrs. Diane’s grandson, Maddex, has allowed for us to keep his hamster during the course of our study. The class also discussed what had to be done to care for a turtle and hamster, as well as some special characteristics of each animal.  Some characteristics included: soft fur, sharp teeth, little tail, four paws, hard shell, pattern on shell, hides its head, and swims.

Vocabulary words such as domesticated and wild were introduced.  We practiced our sorting and classifying skills by sorting domestic animals (dog, cat, turtle) in one box, and wild animals (tiger, bear, gorilla) in another box.  

Our Creative Play area was turned into a Pet Clinic complete with stuffed animals, bowls, leashes, collars, and a veterinarian doctor kit.  I do believe we have some future veterinarians in our class!

The children created one of a kind dog houses in blocks.  They also scooped, measured, poured, and searched for uppercase letters in our Sensory Bin filled with colorful fish gravel. 

Knowledge of print and its uses includes understanding that print carries a message and that print is organized and read in particular ways.  We certainly found this to be true when making modeling clay. The children followed along as I read the recipe. We talked about what might happen if I didn’t follow the recipe in order.  They were quick to tell me that it probably wouldn’t turn out right! Each child participated in measuring, pouring, and stirring. The best thing about making it, was getting to play with it. A fun time was had by everyone!

The main objective in technology for the past couple of weeks has been how to use a mouse.  I was amazed at how quickly the class caught on! Vowels are being studied in Spanish, along with learning how to introduce themselves in Spanish.  In music, the children are having fun learning about new instruments, as well as new songs.

As you can see, PreK is a busy place!  Check back in a couple of weeks for more exciting PreK adventures.

Mrs. Lisa


Lisa Norton
A New Year a New Adventure!

The beginning of school has certainly been a busy one. There are new teachers, friends, rules, and adjustments to make. I have a precious class of 13 eager and inquisitive learners.

The first week we worked on many skills such as name recognition, aural listening, sequencing, tallying, and number recognition.

Each day the children would point to their name card, and then as a class we would clap, hop, or stomp each letter.

I also read the story of The Kissing Hand. Chester, the racoon in the story, experienced first day of school fears (similar to what many children experience.) We discussed Chester’s feelings and learned how he overcame those fears. Using pictures we put together what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story. We learned how Chester progressed from sad to happy. Sequencing skills are a pre-cursor to learning how to tell time, but they’re also important to the development of other skills such as learning how to read sequences of letters.

When trying to decide on our afternoon snack, the class discovered that tallying was a fair and quick way to make a decision. Tally charts are used to collect data quickly and efficiently. Children can then use tally charts to construct bar charts and pictograms. The 3 snacks the children voted on were Goldfish, fruit snacks, and snack mix. The winner was Goldfish!


One to one correspondence, as well as scissor cutting was practiced as the class cut out small pictures of Chester racoon and glued them to the corresponding number.

We attended music and Spanish the first week as well. Mrs. Tipton taught us how to hold our instruments in “resting position.” The children also acted out Old McDonald and Where is Thumbkin? In Spanish, Senora Perri introduced the vocabulary word for ball, pelota. She then had each child practice introducing themselves in Spanish.

Our first week ended with a surprise scavenger hunt. Chester, the racoon from The Kissing Hand, left us clues to search for him. After looking all around campus, his heart clues led us back to the PreK building. To our surprise, we noticed Chester’s paw prints leading us back to our classroom. Once inside the room we discovered that Chester had left us heart shaped cookies! His note said that he’d already hopped back in the book, but to enjoy the cookies! What a fun first week!

Mrs. Lisa

Lisa Norton
A Glimpse Down Memory Lane!

What a fun year of learning!  Looking through all the pictures brought back wonderful memories of our various studies, programs, field trips, and special friendships made.  I consider it a blessing to teach in a loving, Christian environment where God’s word can be shared on a daily basis. I have many goals for the children to reach throughout the year.  However, my main goal is to instill a lifelong love of learning in each and everyone of them. St. James allows teachers the opportunity for “hands on” learning. Hands-on activities allow children to use their senses while learning.  They learn control, communication, concentration and dedication to finishing tasks and problem solving skills. Children become active learners. I believe that’s why we continue to produce such outstanding students year after year. St. James is simply the best!  

Have a fun and safe summer, and don’t forget to check back with us in August for more Pre-K adventures.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse down memory lane, such great memories!

Mrs. Lisa   











Tracy Jones
Pre-K's Got Talent!

After discussing various types of bread and the dough they were made from, a couple of our sweet moms volunteered to help us with a “special tasting.”  I was amazed at the diverse assortment of food they brought to share with the children. The tasting included: Italian, French, Sesame Seed French, Banana Nut, and Raisin bread.   Blueberry bagels, butter croissants, Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, pretzels, shortcake, biscuits, and waffles added to our menu as well. A variety of muffins were also offered to the children which included poppyseed, blueberry, and strawberry.  To say the least, the boys and girls had a smorgasbord to choose from! Thank you Jamie and Mary for helping to make it such a fun experience!