Congratulations Candlelight 2018

The children did a great job at our Candlelight performances on Dec.18th and 19th. The students from grades 1, 3, and 5 sang on Tuesday, Dec. 18th, and the students from grades 2, 4 ,6, and 7 sang on Wednesday, Dec. 19th.  Everyone did such a great job! The students illustrated pieces in melody, 2-part harmony, and the Latin language. I am always so impressed how our students at Saint James present and perform such challenging music. Congratulations!

Melanie’s Melodies perform at the Mall

The children from the piano/vocal studio at Saint James (also known as Melanie’s Melodies) performed at the Mall on Saturday Dec. 15th.  The children played and sang Christmas carols, Folk songs, and Sacred pieces.

Aristocats Auditions Tuesday January 22nd

Students from grades 3rd-5th will be able to audition for speaking parts for the Spring Musical. Students must sing one piece and read lines from a script. Rehearsals will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:00am.

Grandparents Day Friday, February 15th

Several of our students will be performing on Grandparents day.  Grade 6th and 7th will be playing drums. Grade 5th will be performing the bells, and 3rd grade will be playing the recorders.  All the students from First through Seventh will be singing as a choir to finish the program. I know the Grandparents will be very excited to see and hear all the music from our fabulous students!

Katelyn Gunter