The Fifth and Fourth grade students have begun their keyboard unit.  They will be learning keys, fingerings, hand positions, rhythms, and notes in this unit.  Each student is encouraged to play their piece as a solo.  They should play at least two pieces a week.  This week, they demonstrated "Low and High" and "First March".  The children are having a great time learning and are enjoying playing on the keyboards. (pics. included)

"Jungle Book" rehearsals are going well.  We are concentrating on the choreography, and the children have illustrated "Jungle Prologue", "The Bear Necessities", and "The Monkey Song".  Our snake, Kaa,  had a great rehearsal last week too. The children are singing, dancing, and creating their characters.

Lent Pieces:  We are in the season of Lent.  Our students are practicing songs for Lent to sing at chapel.  "Forty Days and Forty Nights", "Just As I Am', and "From all that Dwell Below the Skies" are a few favorites.  The younger students are exhibiting how to sing out of the hymnals. The children are also discussing the meaning of the pieces and why Lent is such an important part of the Liturgical year.

Melanie Tipton