The Primary through Second grade classes have been practicing Folk songs, Fun songs, Church songs, and Halloween songs. They are also learning the names of the instruments in the orchestra. So far, they have studied the String instruments and the Woodwind instruments. This month, they will identify the instruments of the Brass and and Percussion instruments.


Third and Fourth grade students are practicing the recorders. They are illustrating the fingerings, notes and rhythms to the given pieces. So far, students of the Third grade can play notes “B”, “A”, and “G” on the recorder. The Fourth grade students are already up to their green belt in the Recorder Karate curriculum.

Fifth grade students are doing and extensive study of the orchestra. They are classifying instruments into families, creating orchestra charts, and recognizing the instruments by sound and picture. They are also playing the drums, and they can play ensembles 1 and 2 from the World Music Drumming curriculum.


Sixth grade students just finished a unit on the Baroque era. This included listening to the stories of the composers and their pieces. They studied Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, and Couperin. The Seventh grade students helped by creating reports for the composers and presenting them in class. They are also playing the ukuleles. They can illustrate notes on the strings and frets, and have played pieces such as “Ode to Joy” and “Go Tell Aunt Rhodie”.


Important Dates: Candlelight Auditions Oct.16th; 70th Anniversary performance at St. James Church Nov. 4th

Katelyn Gunter