The Jungle Book-Costumes and More


Dear Parents, 

Our Spring Musical this year is "The Jungle Book".  It is scheduled for Friday, April 13th.  Each student in 1st-6th grade is expected to participate.  Students will need a costume for their particular character in the show.  Please return your form with your correct size.  You should have received a letter from your classroom teacher regarding costumes. Please sign and return your forms by Friday, January 12th.



A musical is a great way to explore several different art forms at the same time. This encourages students to develop their mind and body.  

Singing:  I believe singing is a great way to express yourself.  It is one of the few art forms that actually uses words to communicate.  Students learn pitch, rhythm, vowel, breathing, and tone. Our students as Saint James seem to enjoy singing.  

Dancing:  Students learn choreography in a musical.  They exhibit steps, movement, and gestures.  All of this motion helps create the characters.  Students learn how to work together as a team to create a dance scene.  Dance encourages the whole body and mind.

Acting:  Acting is a great art form because students formulate characters.  They do not have to be themselves.  Sometimes, it is tough being yourself.  When you are acting, you can become the character.  Students pretend and play "Make-believe".  This uses great imagination.  They learn to speak clearly to be understood by the audience.  They learn blocking, timing, and memorization.

Art:  Several of our Middle school students create our back drops.  Ms. Denise guides them in a certain direction, but the children paint the scenes.  This takes great skill, patience, imagination, and creativity.

At Saint James, we encourage developing the whole child: mental, physical and spiritual. Putting on productions integrates all these aspects.  I hope your child will enjoy being a part of the Saint James production, "The Jungle Book".

Melanie Tipton