Melanie's Melodies Makes Music at Mall

Melanie's Melodies performed a "mini" recital at the Central mall on Saturday, December 16th. The performers included Zachary Bobo, Addison Bobo, Heath Wood, and Rosie Jordan.  Each student performed a piece by memory. Zachary Bobo played "Ode to Joy". Addison Bobo played "Santa's Sleigh", Heath Wood played "Kum by Yah", and Rosie Jordan played "Jingle Bells". The students performed beautifully, and I am so proud of the work they have accomplished in the short time they have been studying the piano.

Performance is such an important part of music study.  It builds self-esteem, confidence, character, and determination.  These are all life-building skills too. I am very thankful that Saint James encourages our students to perform.

Melanie Tipton