100 Day

Kindergarten has completed 100 days of school! We have been talking about this day from the very first day of school when we put up a 1 on our number chart. The excitement of the class grew as we watched the chart get closer and closer to that 100. I did have to let a few friends know they weren't done with kindergarten just because we made it to 100 although it will be here before we know it! 

We've been prepping for our big day by counting by 1's and 10's and adding a popsicle stick to our buckets every day. Most of the class is able to count to 100 by themselves by now and the ones that aren't quite there have learned a few tricks to help them out when they get stuck. One of the most helpful things they have learned is that 100 is 10 groups of 10. At home, with the help of their parents or siblings, they filled a bag with 100 items. That really isn't too hard when you put 10 items in each of 10 containers. Already multiplying at 6 years old! We also wrote 100 words, counted 100 steps, found 100 kisses and put them in order, made a trail mix with 10 of each of 10 kinds of snacks, counted how many times they could chew a starburst candy, and wrote about what we thought we would do when we are 100. One of the class's favorite activities was doing 100 exercise while counting to 100. Thank you Jack Hartman videos for making exercise fun!

Parents came out for a 100 Day Celebration where the class rotated through 8 learning activities. We prepped a lot ahead of time and the stations ran so smoothly! The class built with 100 Legos, stacked 100 cups, tried to make creations with 100 marshmallows and toothpicks (the kids really had to use their brain to get those marshmallows to stand up), linked 100 numbers in order, made a necklace with 100 beads, used paint daubers to make a 100 gumball machine, worked on a sight word reader about being 100, and my personal favorite, counted how many licks it took to eat a sucker. The sucker group was so quiet and busy I am thinking about doing this activity for every party!

We had a "one"derful 100 Day!

Sarah Kyles