December Fun

With all of the programs and parties December is a busy month that seems to fly by. We have still managed to pack a lot of learning in kindergarten though.

The students have loved our "Wrap Station" where they have access to wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, bows, tags, and boxes of all sizes to wrap. At the beginning of the month I demonstrated how to wrap a present and then let them go at it. Sometimes they ask for help tearing tape or figuring out how to hold the paper while they tape it to a box but for the most part they are content to problem solve with a partner. Our main objective at the wrap station is to strengthen those fine motor skills used to tear tape and cut thin wrapping paper but the class is also learning spatial awareness, measuring, comparing objects of differing sizes, and even language arts skills when they write their to/from tags! They are working together as a team and really getting into the holiday giving spirit as well!

These kids are now pros at recognizing and creating patterns. We began the year with simple AB patterns and have worked our way up to ABB, AAB, and ABC patterns.  We have made jingle bell, ornament, paper chain, and Christmas lights patterns this month alone. Patterning is a valuable skill that helps children understand predictable relationships, builds critical thinking and working memory, and stimulates creativity! 

The class is also becoming quite a talented group of artists. We try to complete a directed drawing every month where I give the students verbal and visual instructions to create an image. We all draw the same thing but the end results are so individual. The students really have to listen and pay attention to line placement and size in order to have their picture turn out right. This month we completed a reindeer and an elf and I think they are wonderful!


Sarah Kyles