November in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is learning about money! We have introduced the penny, learned that Abraham Lincoln is found on the face of a penny, and that either the Lincoln Memorial or a shield is found on the tail side of a penny. Some students even found a wheat penny! Pennies are worth one cent and it takes one hundred pennies to make a dollar. The class has been solidifying their number knowledge by counting pennies up to 10 cents and matching them to a number card. This past week they have even been able to "buy" their snacks in the morning with their own pennies. Some students have even been able to figure out that they can buy more than one snack if the prices add up to less than 10! These kids will have no problem with addition facts in the next few months. 

The November Fine Motor Morning Work is a hit as well. Students are now pros at finding their name and coordinating drawer in the morning. They have been working on matching numbers to objects, linking sight words, using play-doh to fill a ten frame, adding the numbers of two dice together, and so much more all while working on those tiny but important finger muscles! 

Sarah Kyles