The fourth graders take one all-day field trip to Jefferson, Texas.  The trip reinforces some of the topics we cover in history and science.  

We take a pontoon ride down the bayou, and listen to Mr. Nance talk about the area's history and nature.

That is followed by a wagon ride past some historical sites, like the house Lady Bird Johnson stayed at while she lived with her aunt and attended high school.

We go to the Museum of Time and Measurement.  The students are fascinated by some of the items, and the gentleman who owns the collection is always eager to teach the students.  His enthusiasm is shared by our fourth graders.

We have lunch at the General Store.  Before we take the trip we discuss the role in the community that a general store once played.  This store is a little different, but the students can see how it might have functioned a century ago.  

Jefferson is a fun and educational place to visit.  

Susannah Joyce