The fourth graders read an abridged version of Treasure Island.  We read some chapters from the original version, so that the students can understand what is meant by an abridged or condensed version of a book.  

The original version of Treasure Island would be more appropriate for seventh or eighth graders.  Fourth graders reading the original version would have difficulty understanding the vocabulary, word usage, and the connotations of some of the words.  Because of cultural difference, even the abridged version requires some explanation.  

After finishing the book, the students used a form to make a book report / review of Treasure Island.  The students were required to try and identify the main idea, the lesson taught, the main characters, the conflict, the resolution of the conflict, the main setting, the beginning, middle and end of the story, and the difference between a report and a book review.  

Those are a lot of concepts for fourth graders.  

Adam’s grandmother brought a book report she had done in 7th grade on the book Treasure Island.  We compared it to the one that Adam just finished.  That was a great coincidence.

Susannah Joyce