Celebrating Grandparents

This year, St. James is celebrating a 70th anniversary.  As part of that celebration, the fourth graders are celebrating our grandparents’ birthdays.  We are sending a card to each of the grandparents for which we have a mailing address.  

The first card we mailed was to New York.  That grandmother responded with a really cute stand up silhouette card.

The second grandmother lives locally, and came to visit the class.  She was born on Veterans Day, so she came and talked about growing up and celebrating Veteran’s Day in the 40’s and 50’s.  She brought some of her childhood treasures, including a Girl Scout doll and an illustrated book report she did in 7th grade.  The book report was on Treasure Island, which we just finished reading in the abridged form.  We are doing an illustrated book report, but not as elaborate as the one she did.  

Our third birthday card went to a local grandfather, who consented to come speak.  He brought a ventriloquist dummy that he used as his talent in a high school show.  He showed us how to make a candle lantern that he made in Boy Scouts, and among other stories, he shared some pictures of himself as a young boy.  

This could prove to be my favorite project of my over forty years of teaching.  The students are learning about the great educational resource they have in their grandparents.  We are all enjoying the visits and correspondence.  

Susannah Joyce