Fantastic Final Week

The fourth graders have worked hard and behaved well the whole school year.  They were rewarded for the hard work and good behavior with some fun learning activities the last week of school. 

A sixth grader’s parent came and did some demonstrations on wind and air power.  Bernoulli’s windbags, dry ice bubbles and more.  What a great way to learn why airplanes fly and how we can use air to power things.


We have talked about the center of balance all year, starting with nature’s balance toy, the peacock feather.  This week, we made our own balance toys with popsicle sticks, wire and metal washers.  Our main variable was the positioning of the wire.  We had to figure out how to get the popsicle stick to stand straight up.  It required following directions, observation, and some experimentation, but most of us figured it out quickly.


The fourth graders enjoyed watching a film based on the “Cottingley Fairies” of 1917.  We discussed what it means to base a story on an actual event.  We talked about the time period, including W.W.I. and its effects, child labor, and children being expected to be adults around 12. We also used it to distinguish between fact and fiction and real and make believe.   

The fourth graders collected some items from nature and attached them with glue guns to create some fairy houses.  Some of our balance toys were dressed to resemble fairies and placed in the tree above the house.  Of course, the first rain will displace them.  



We researched dinosaurs for 30 minutes, and then we personified them, by having the student pretend to be that type of dinosaur and tell us all about him or herself.  

One student suggested that we each paint a picture, so everyone was given a small canvas, and then allowed to paint.  The subjects of our paintings varied greatly.  One was a rainbow colored dinosaur skull, and another was a realistic puffin on a rock.  

We also did M&M fractions, chess, Mastermind, a jigsaw puzzle, extreme dot to dots, word finds, and other activities suggested by the students in our class.   

We enjoyed the last three days of 4th grade celebrating some of the things that we learned and spending quality time with one another.

Pat Wagy