Trip to Jefferson, Texas

The fourth graders took our one, all-day field trip to Jefferson, Texas.  We spend the first part of the year concentrating on the curriculum.  Near the end of the year, we see if we have time for fun trips.  We’ve done well this year, so we went to Jefferson and are looking at taking some fun, educational in-town trips in May.

The trip to Jefferson reinforces some of what we learn in Texas history and some of our science.  It is also a good way for us to learn about this area of Texas.  

Before we went, we researched and discussed some of the things that we would see or hear about.  That increases the students' interest in what they are actually seeing.  I was very proud of their behavior and the intelligent questions they asked.

We did the Bayou Tour, the Historical Wagon Tour, walked around Jay Gould’s private cars, ate lunch at the bakery, went to the historical museum, the Museum of Time and Measurement, and finished at the old General Store.

One unexpected animal was mentioned on the Bayou Tour.  At one time, somehow, a capybara had made his way there.  One of our parents arranged to have a lady with her pet capybara come visit our classroom as a follow up.  What fun!


Here are some of the comments our students wrote on their paper about the trip

I liked the bayou and the boat ride.  I also liked the Time Museum.J.B.

I liked going to the General Store and eating at the Bayou Bakery.  D.M.

I loved the trip.  I loved the General Store, and I also really loved the Time Museum. H.W.

I really liked the boat ride on the bayou.  I also liked the museum.  It had a lot of history. Z.B.

My favorite part was the horses and the Bayou Bakery.  S.C.

I liked the Bayou Boat Ride.  It was so interesting, and I had so many questions.  A.F.

My favorite part of Jefferson was the boat ride and hearing about Jefferson’s history. M.Y.

What I liked best about the trip to Jefferson was the boat ride.  A.B.

Pat Wagy