Geometric Transformations

The fourth graders took our math lesson on geometric transformations one step further.  After we learned the vocabulary : transformation, reflection, rotation, translation, symmetric, asymmetric, similar, and congruent; we made a transformation garden.  It works nicely in the Spring when the flowers and insects start to reappear.



Each student made an asymmetric pattern.  We practiced making a flower design using all three transformation movements.  We discussed how some moves took to or more transformations.  The next day, we made a new pattern, and this time, we traced and cut out three flowers.  One was a rotation flower, one was a translation flower, and one was a reflection flower.  


We made a grass background, added stems, then put our flowers on the board.  Then we enhanced that part of the board with leaves, and some similar and congruent flowers.  

Step two was to make a symmetric bug.  These are almost always done as reflection bugs.



Later we will put some asymmetric bunnies hopping across the grass, and students will need to figure out what steps were used in the movement.  


Pat Wagy