A Thank You Project

During our time in the library this week, Mrs. Hall read a picture book, A Letter to My Teacher by Deborah Hopkins.   Because we have the privilege of being able to insert new ideas into our curriculum, we were able to add a new free-time activity.  When a student finished an assignment ahead of the rest of the class, he or she was given the opportunity to write a very short letter to our kindergarten teacher.  

The letter was to mention something that he or she remembered doing in kindergarten.  Most of the students chose to make a card that said thank you, and then included a comment about the thing they remembered most.  

The other extension we did from the book was to draw a small picture to go along with the memory.  We put these into one paper quilt, which was an idea from the book.  It was a fun and fairly simple way to thank one of our teachers.  Now, I think we will use the book's theme to help us brainstorm other ways that we can say thank you to people on our campus.

Pat Wagy