The fourth graders finished their study of food chains and food webs.  After reading and discussing the material, each student made a food web to share with the class to make sure that they comprehended the concepts in the assignment.  

We did a readers theater along with the assignment.  When we read the scripts, each student portrayed a different animal.  We read the same skit on different days, hoping that the repetition would help us retain the knowledge we were learning.   

There was a lot of new vocabulary : diatoms, zooplankton, producers, decomposers, primary and secondary consumers, etc.   The unit also allowed us to review an earlier unit on life cycles, and discuss and upcoming unit on the systems of the human body.  

We have a readers theater on Louis Pasteur that will tie in with the biographies we read.  

                                                           Some 4th Grade Food Webs

                                                           Some 4th Grade Food Webs

Pat Wagy