A Thank You to All Veterans

St. James Day School does a Veterans Day event every year, where we invite veterans from our families to come and be honored.  Along with this, the fourth graders do a couple of things on their own as special recognition for veterans.  The families of our fourth graders send us names and addresses of active and military veterans.  The class mails out a thank you to each one.  Sometimes, the students will draw a picture to include with the thank you notes or to give out at the school’s Veterans’ Day event.  

Some years, we are honored with a visit from a military veteran, usually a grandfather or a great-grandfather, who is willing to tell us about his or her experiences in the military and answer some of our questions.  Because of our family atmosphere, someone from one of our families usually volunteers to help us have a better understanding of our military and the meaning of Veterans Day.

Here the 4th graders are signing cards to be sent to Veterans.


Native American Dioramas  

After studying some of the tribes that lived in Texas, the fourth graders were given time in class to make a three - dimensional diorama.  They could only use paper, calendar pictures, craft sticks, white glue, markers, and string.  It was a two hour, in-class project, with no outside of class objects allowed.  That required some creativity.  

The students could choose any Texas tribe, some chose the Jumanos, Karankawas and the Comanches, one took the Tonkawas, one the Coahuiltecans, one the Caddoes and one Apaches.

Katelyn Gunter