We are combining our social studies and our science this month.  We are learning landforms in science and geography in social studies.  So we have been surrounded by maps.  

Landforms were introduced in lower school.  The students even made their own models.  So we are adding to what they already know and moving into more terminology.  By October, we will be ready to test on what we have learned.  Right now it is practice and play to help us remember what we are learning.  

We aren’t going to make model landforms, but we are going to be making some of our own maps.  

There are a lot of different types of maps. One the fourth graders always enjoy is the relief map, where they can run their fingers over the mountains.  This map was given to us by the Schroeder family before the girls were even in middle school.  We have great parent support.  

Katelyn Gunter