Busy Month

Last week, we had Todd Warren, meteorologist for channel 6, KTAL introduce us to forecasting weather.  We’ll be participating in a program that he offers for grades 4 - 8.  It sounds like a fun way to learn.

We also began our unit on rocks and minerals.  We are continuing our unit on research by trying to classify rocks by their attributes.  We introduced the attributes with the book Rocky Road Trip.  It discussed the attributes that scientist use to classify rocks and minerals.    We opened oysters and extracted pearls.  Pearl are a composite of minerals and animal protein, so they don’t fit with any of our other samples.  But, they are a fun way to learn.  We will also look at amber, which doesn’t quite fit with the other samples, because it is from a plant.  Look for our rock collections at Open House and at the grandparents day activities.  


Pat Wagy