The First of December

With only two and half weeks of school in December, and a lot of things to accomplish, the fourth graders have been very busy.  They are presenting at SAU - Magnolia, so they had to have their robots and slide shows ready.  They are singing in Candlelight at the Church, so they had to practice, practice, practice.  We needed to finish our book reports on Treasure Island, so that we could complete reading The Whipping Boy before the holidays started.  We were finishing up our reports for our international project, that we will do in January, and planning our backboards for that activity.  And, of course, all of our daily math, science, language arts and other subjects had to be covered.

Fortunately, we still had time for recess.  Some pediatricians are prescribing walks in a wooded area instead of medication for certain students with hyper-activity attention-disorder, as well as for those with depression.  St. James has a lovely natural setting, so when we walk from class to class or play at recess, we benefit from our surroundings.  That might be one of the reasons the fourth graders love school.  What could be better than learning and playing with your friends in a peaceful setting. 


Pat Wagy