First Week of School

The first day of school gave us a unique learning experience.  We discussed what happens in a solar eclipse.

The school gave us solar glasses, and for safety purposes, we attached them to a paper plate.  This gave us an a strange appearance, so the students were allowed to make them look like space aliens.  This worked with the background we are doing for the book In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson.  The book takes place in 1947, the same year of the mysterious landing in Roswell, N.M., which was the first time the term UFO was used.

We discussed that the word solar refers to the sun.  We had some solar beads that could be taken outside and would change color in sunlight (solar power)  Addison and Zachary showed us that their scissors changed color with heat, (thermal power).

The next day we looked at some simple items that could move with solar power or with thermal power. We noticed that the two sources of power weren't always interchangeable, so there must be more than just the heat of the sun involved.

savannah jarratt